Tuesday, October 18, 2011

G.I Brick Holding a FaceBook Contest?

The amazing Keith a Julie, owners of the BrickArms reseller G.I Brick are holding a FaceBook special contest! There are two categories, one is to do with you Parents, the other is for you! I have screen shotted the contest photos for you! 
As you can see, the one on the left is for your parents! 'Like' Julie and Keiths Fan-page and then your able to enter your parents into a fabulous contest which has no reward for them, but for you, a 50 Dollar Shopping Spree.  As the one on the right is for you, you have to 'Advertise' there Page to your friends and get them 500 New Fans! Once they reach 2,400 they will put the entry form for you to enter to win your very own prototype(s)!
Exciting isn't it! You can check out Julie and Keiths 'G.I  Brick' Fan Page Here and there Website Here.

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