Friday, October 21, 2011

Builders Block!?!?!

Recently, I have had something called Builders Block. It's technically like writers block, you can't think of anything to write! In my case you can't think of anything to build or film. Here are some of my own things I have learned and other peoples tips on Builders Block! Enjoy!

Tip #1: Go watch a movie or get outside! Clear your mind of LEGO, its always good to have a break! After a few hours away from LEGO your mind should be as good as new and full of creative ideas!

Tip #2: Start small, when experiencing Builders Block start with small creations, and then work your way up to more bigger and more complicated stuff. I'm working on house hold items! As I am working my way up!

Tip #3: Don't get frustrated,  during Builders Block when you try to start over again trying to build BIG MOCs you make get angry and frustrated with you LEGO! When you get angry, just take a few minutes to cool down and start again and start small (See Tip #2)

Tip #4: If you are apart of Flickr, get peoples ideas or look through peoples photostreams!

Tip #5: Builders Block can really affect the way you think of LEGO i some cases! If your like me, and want your builds to be perfect. And if there not, you'll get mad! Some people have said they've experienced it when they felt like they wanted to just get LEGO out of there sight. Thats when you need to take a few days to a week away from LEGO!

Tip #6: If all else fails, I can not tell you what will happened! I haven't experinced it, and hopefully never will!

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Sincerley High5.

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