Sunday, November 27, 2011

LegoBoyProductions Customs Figures Printing FAKE?!?!?!

Recently a good friend of mine had released a little picture showcasing a very interesting topic, is David AkA LegoBoy12345678 Customs Figures his own, or Fakes by CaC (CloneArmyCustoms). This is the folowing statement made by First Rate Customs/HDStudios Himself on the matter.

"As seen, the arms on Legoboy Productions™ Star Corps "Premium" Customs, are a DECAL, not printing as marketed. You can see a comparison of CACs arm printing, Brickarms's arm printing, and his arm "printing". He claims they are done with the same printer as Brickarms uses, however if they are, you can see that it is impossible to have that side arm printing. It would take multiple runs in a Inkjet solvent flatbed printer to do that (And David if you are reading this, don't think I'm stupid. I have done lots of research on getting 3D pieces printed on) and making it line up perfectly which is what is shown here is almost impossible. And, he says that CAC doesn't print them-look at the top of the foot printing on CAC's Boost and the Commander Trauma-They look exactly the same but different colors. Lastly, the arm on Trauma is a different color from the rest- Why? David says it's because it is a "Prototype", but even if it were it would be the same color. Because since it's a decal it's done in a different printer that prints the decal that color, as with in CAC's printer the lime green is as close as it can get. Lastly, on the pic with the 2 arms you can see the reflection off right where the decal is which is a sign of sealant."

David has yet to have any concern or reply on this matter! if you would like to join the discussion Click Here.

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